Professional Events

Professional Events

Wine Tasting in Paris is a great way to celebrate an international meeting in Paris! If you want to organize a special event for visitors during their short stay in Paris, a wine tasting event will be a great introduction to French culture.

Wine is the ultimate link to the French way of life!

  • It offers a unique perspective of life in Paris as it is unlike any experience elsewhere in the world
  • A wine tasting is probably unlike anything they have ever done before.
  • This experience is a fun, instructive and entertaining way to bring people together.
  • Plus, it is a great team building exercise!
  • Guests will even have a souvenir to take home from this experience.
  • Ultimately: any visitor will dive at the chance to taste wine with experts in Paris!

Events for groups of 12 or less can be organized at our venue, located in the heart of the Latin Quarter. It’s a cozy tasting room in an old Parisian building, on a cobble paved street (you can see pictures of our tasting room here).

A professional event by Wine Tasting in Paris can also be organized at the location of your choice be it exclusive restaurants, private conference rooms, etc. You can also rent exceptional places like a boat on the Seine for an unforgettable tasting event that your guests will never forget. The tastings are usually in English, but a translator can be provided in any language on request. Groups on average are around twenty people, but events can accommodate more or less.

Price can be completely adapted to your budget – depending on number and type of wine, place, and number of guests. Thierry Givone, a former marketing and communication manager in an international company will perfectly understand your needs and expectation with organizing an event that suits your event’s standards. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have about your next event.